Today in the city Superior 28.07.2017
Super PAC Supporting GOP Senate Hopeful Raised $1.5 Million

A super PAC supporting a former Marine considering a run for U.S. Senate has raised $1.5 million over the last three months.

Box Office: 'Wonder Woman' Mixed The Best Elements Of The Best Superhero Films

Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot's superhero smash is a fine case of mixing-and-matching genre tropes into something unique unto itself.

YouTube, Facebook Creators Tapped as Directors by Ad-Production Firm Launched by Jonathon Ker, Larry Shapiro

Will internet-video creators emerge as the next generation of directors in the advertising biz? That’s the hypothesis of entertainment industry veterans Jonathon Ker and Larry Shapiro with their...

Paul Shaffer On World Cafe

With a career defined by his stint as one of the most lovable bandleaders on late-night TV, Shaffer now brings The World's Most Dangerous Band to World Cafe for a performance and interview.

3 Protesters Sue Columbus, Police; Say Hit by Pepper Spray

Three people who say they were hit in the face with pepper spray by Columbus police during an immigration protest earlier this year have sued police officers, the city and the police chief in federal...

Subaru Owners: Deadline For Seeking Tranny Repair Reimbursement

Subaru owners have about four months to seek reimbursement for thousands of dollars in transmission repairs.

Calvin Johnson 'didn't see the chance' to win a Super Bowl with Detroit Lions

Calvin Johnson says his lack of confidence in the Lions' chances of winning a Super Bowl factored into his retirement decision.

With Amy Sedaris's Hilarious Help, Super 8 Axes Ugly Hotel Art And Remakes Its Hospitality Vibe

The hilarious Amy Sedaris is naming, autographing, and helping to dispose of dozens upon dozens of pieces of the most hideous hotel artwork you have never seen, as part of Super 8 Hotels' effort to re...

Giant, record-breaking Super Soaker can cut through glass

Your favorite childhood summertime toy just got the biggest upgrade. Actually, the world's biggest upgrade. Former NASA engineer Mark Rober unveiled his latest mega-invention, the world's largest Supe...

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